Architect Sara Cantini,

was born in Florence in 1970, he attended the Art School and the Faculty of Architecture in Florence and graduated in 1994, graduating with the highest grades and honors with a thesis to address design / restoration and consolidation.

After an internship in the office of Milan's designer George J. Sowden (Memphis) and a period of practice at the Florentine Studio Arch. Marcon Antonio began working as a freelancer. Daughter of traders and passion for travel who see it absorb practical and aesthetic experiences in the world, identifies and affirms soon as the designer of local beer initially prevalent theme, following in many different types such as bars, restaurants, pizzerias, discos , ice cream with some interesting digression in the design of shops in general.

Since 1995, there are over 180 realizations of the public exercises specifically distributed in Tuscany, Umbria and Emilia addition to the creation of some local in Rome, Venice and New York.

Design in 2002, the local "Cafe Roma" Roma football for the company owned by the Sensi family. Realize format "bar de tapas" in collaboration with the beer "Estrella Dams" curing the opening of new premises of the chain. Care pilot projects in Tuscany for the definition of "Pubs Moretti" in collaboration with Heineken Italy. Collaborated over the years with major brewers such as Paulaner, Tennents, Löwenbräu, Heineken and important companies and consortia in the field of distributing drinks, which Partesa, Sangeminiano Italy, Razna, Adat.
He works at bar interior restyling of the UCI multiplex with the company Presco Pool of Forli, and numerous projects related to innovative local processing format with Heineken Italy (the project "ICE BLOCK" won the first prize for innovation Heineken 2006).

Some of his achievements are published in trade magazines such as "The World of Beer," "Beer and Sound" and "Mixer".

In parallel to the design of local embarks on an intense activity in the field of residential and hospitality. Strong knowledge acquired in the preparation of the thesis deals with the renovation of farm buildings and renovations conservative by following the path at various stages after surgery structural, building, plant, to the attention to detail and furnishings.

Make a fully detached building designed following the principles of ecological design (orientation derives from the combined study of the cardinal points, the angle of incidence of the solar rays, the lattice of Hartmann and energy flows). All materials used are biocompatible and of natural origin. Is the particular 'attention to the use of renewable energy sources and the elimination of magnetic fields.

Each furniture project is developed with special attention to light, materials, functionality and detail. The style is characterized by the fusion of ancient and contemporary, for the combination of custom-made furniture, household furniture of the buyers and reused objects from antique shops and second-hand dealers, with an ethnic touch given by objects collected in the many trips. While maintaining a personal touch, every realization leads to different results, the result of the combination of the ideas offered by the environment, the place and the tastes of the customer.

He actively collaborates with industry and craftsmen in the design of lamps, tables, and design objects.

Lover of Art and Music, when not traveling she lives and works in and around Florence.



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